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Thread: Assert in lsp error

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    Assert in lsp error

    Whenever i do try to access the web with IE i gets the following error:

    Assert in LSP
    Iexplorer.exe Assert in LSP
    g_socket_data.Lookup(s) = = 0
    Capture\lsp\nolsp\wsp - patches.cpp:1313
    and i can't access the web anymore. Please help me out ! thanks a lot.

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    Re: Assert in lsp error

    1. First reset your IE and check plugins ->Internet Explorer - Reset
    2. Delete browsing history: Tools > Delete Browsing History > Delete All
    3. Try reset winsock: start cmd.exe with administrative previlliges and type
      netsh winsock reset
      netsh winsock restart

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    Re: Assert in lsp error

    I had the same problem. I found this error happens because of an incompatibility with the Google Desktop software. Uninstalling the Google Desktop usually clears this error.

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    Re: Assert in lsp error

    Refer to following threads:

    What is ASSERT in LSP ?
    Assert Failed
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