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Thread: Windows logout command

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    Windows logout command

    Does any one know windows logout command? That means command from command line to logout from windows. I have installed windows xp on my system. Any help will be extremely appreciated.

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    Re: Windows logout command

    To execute one of these commands, click Start and select Run and type logoff,it is simple command line program which will log you out of your current Windows session. It can be used from batch files, or from within other programs.

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    Re: Windows logout command

    Windows logout command are executed from command line. Go to start > run > cmd then type Log off : this shuts down all running processes, then logs the user off. Power Off (Win98 Only): Shuts down the system and turns off the power. The system must support the power-off feature.

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    Re: Windows logout command

    Logout : The Logout application was designed to be a small tool that provides command line interface for the ExitWindowsEx() API function. Useful to log out the current user or shutdown or restart the system.

    Download Logout

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