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Thread: Convert action replay to gameshark Code

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    Convert action replay to gameshark Code

    Hello , I Was just Wondering Whether It Was Possible to convert the codes for the Action replay to Gameshark codes , or Vice Versa , I have some code for Action replay that I want to Convert to gameshark codes , So Can you tell me how Can i Convert Action reply Code to Gameshark Codes , please Help , Thanks in advance

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    Re: Convert action replay to gameshark Code

    You are the owner of the Swap Magic 3.8? On the reference site of action replay codes you can find codes for Action Replay and you want to convert it then You need this little soft name Maxconvert to convert your code.

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    Re: Convert action replay to gameshark Code

    MAXConvert version 0.71 handles encryption and decryption of codes for all devices and formats except Codebreaker Version 7+ encryption. This is a minor update that adds decryption for the latest Gameshark version 3/4 and Xploder Version 4/5 encryption, and a few other minor features/fixes.

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    Re: Convert action replay to gameshark Code

    The only calculation that I know offhand, is for codes that begin with 801... You take the code into the windows calculator, set it to Hex. From there, subtract 18C70 from the Gameshark code's address, to get the Action Replay equivalent. , use maxconvert, get maxconvert to convert action replay and codebreaker codes to raw and add them there. Just make sure none of the codes start with a 1 or 9 when they convert from their original form otherwise it will just crash

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