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Thread: How to Use Cheats codes on no$gba Emulator

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    How to Use Cheats codes on no$gba Emulator

    Hello , I Have the No$gba Emulator , Can you tell me how Can We Use the Cheat Code in these emulator and what are the cheatCodes Supported by it , I mean Does No$gba Support the gameshark or Action replay codes , if yes please tell me how to use these codes in No$Gba emulator , please help thanks in advance

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    Re: How to Use Cheats codes on no$gba Emulator

    yup the GameShark and Actionreplay code are Supported by this emulator , I wish I could have the answer to this question , but I do not know how we do it ,I know it must be marked or something , i am also looking to cheat on the no$gba Emulator

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    Re: How to Use Cheats codes on no$gba Emulator

    to make it work you must open your emulator, , goto option> Cheats -> add new , After you mark the code in the large box (on my computer , I do copy/ paste the codes as it is faster and produces no error) , below the code you choose a name has the code, then Check your Action Replay DS after that press OK, and then you have to double-click to activate the cheat,

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    Re: How to Use Cheats codes on no$gba Emulator

    To enter cheat codes, either go to Utility>Cheats or press F2 on your keyboard.

    Codebreaker codes usually requires a Master(Enable) Code for all the other codes to work; however, some codes might not require an Enable Code to work. After you enter the Enable Code, you will see [E] right next to the code.

    Unlike Codebreaker codes, Action Replay codes do not require any Enable Code.

    After you enter the code(s) that you wanted, you will see a box [ ] right next to the code(s) that you enter. Simply double click the code(s) and a check mark will appear inside the box, which means the code(s) is on.

    Whenever you see a box with a question mark inside it [?], it means one of the following:
    1) The code(s) that you enter contains some wrong value.
    2) The code(s) might have been a different region than your game.
    3) You didn’t input the Enable Code (only applies to Codebreaker codes)

    I might have missed some things, but that’s all I can think of right now.

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