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Thread: Download Sega Dreamcast Bios Files

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    Download Sega Dreamcast Bios Files

    Hello , Can You Tell me Where can i download the Bios File for the Sega Dreamcast , the problem i have the emulator and when i try to run the emulator i got the error that it needed the bios files , please tell me where can i get the sega dreamcast emulator bios files , thanks in advance

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    Re: Download Sega Dreamcast Bios Files

    Sega Dreamcast Bios Files

    Right now there are few Dreamcast emulators available, much more work seems to be going into writing apps and games that actually play on the Dreamcast. Dreamcast has become the homebrew'ers heaven as you do not need a modchip to boot backups.

    The following Zip file contains the two files needed to run DC emulators.
    Download: Dreamcast Bios Files

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    Re: Download Sega Dreamcast Bios Files

    Download Sega Dreamcast BIOS

    • OS : Windows
    • Size : 4051 Kb
    • File : Download

    Full set of DC BIOSes (NTSC-J, NTSC-U, PAL).Download From Here

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    Re: Download Sega Dreamcast Bios Files

    I prefer to go with emulators. There are number of emulators on the web. The major issue to configure them is facing the problem with game controls. The controls are not matched properly and cause failure many time. I had tested a number of game in which some of the major controls simply do not respond. A good bios file can fix this out. I had tried a number of different bios file download from web. But till yet none of them provide a better satisfaction.

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    Re: Download Sega Dreamcast Bios Files

    Did you tried something from emulator zone. I went to this place and found different types of dreamcast emulators. They worked nicely, but the major issue is that the games are too low quality. There should be some better emulators that can offer a great deal of gaming qualities. I tried to locate some official files of latest emulators, but they do not work properly and the game crashes in mid.

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