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Thread: Moving Operating System to New Hard Drive

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    Moving Operating System to New Hard Drive

    Hello Good Morning,
    I would like to shift my operating system files to a new hard drive since my RAID array has been failed.Right now am operating on the one good HD from the array.Can some one guide to shift the system and program files to the new HD?

    any ideas must be brilliant...!

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    Re: Moving Operating System to New Hard Drive

    I know application which aides to clone.The name of the software is XXCLONE Freeware package from Pixelab.Download the zipped file and unzip i. Run xcfwinst_0580.exe from the folder you unzipped to. Run XXClone from Start/All programs/XXClone or the desktop icon. Make sure the source and target volumes are your C and D:\ drives respectively. and follow the instructions from the pixelab to finish the project

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    Re: Moving Operating System to New Hard Drive

    I should tell it is not a better idea to shift the OS and apps from one machine to another.Clean OS installs specific to new hardware is always the best, though, not the easiest method.You may succeed in having Windows automatically re-install all the necessary chipset required drivers but it may not be a stable OS in the longer term if it runs at all.In any case you should backup all of your data, including mail, boomarks etc.and burn to a CDR -you should always have your data backed up.

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    Re: Moving Operating System to New Hard Drive

    You better clone it. Your new drive should have tools for this either with the drive otherwise you can download it from their site.Actually I use Ghost2k3 on a small specially made FAT32 partition to boot to standard floppy and clone .I can even create multiple clones going back as far as the original installation so that I never have to install, activate, and install the 'normal' applications that I use.Unfortunately I don't know of a similar application which will support partitions. If I look and find one in the near future I'll post it here or if I find it later on it will go along with this recommendation or will be used instead of it.

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