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Thread: How to Copy Ps1 Disc

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    How to Copy Ps1 Disc

    Hello , i have a some Playstation 1 (Ps1) Discs , for which i want to copy it to my pc , i mean i want to take backup of the ps1 disc , so can you suggest me the best software to copy the ps1 disc to pc , please help and thanks for those reply here in advance

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    Re: How to Copy Ps1 Disc

    You can the BlindWrite software , it can extracts an image of a media (CD or DVD) to your hard drive with all its physical characteristics, so you have a usable copy of your media (games, CD audio, data, video). The software can also duplicate a disc with a bit by bit copy . The interface type "Wizard" is cleared and guide you step by step in creating a CD. The software also supports file formats from CloneCD, Alcohol, ISO, BIN & Cue ...

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    Re: How to Copy Ps1 Disc

    Here are the Steps to to Copy Ps1 Disc to pc using blindwrite

    • first Launch BlindWrite
    • Click the Play button in the left menu
    • Select your source CD player and insert your original Playstation CD
    • Select the destination folder of the image to be created
    • It will choose the Automatic profile settings in the box
    • Now click the Play button
    • Under the Automatic profile, BlindWrite choose the best method to thwart the protection libcrypt
    • It will create an image you can then burn

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    Re: How to Copy Ps1 Disc

    Use the clonecd , CloneCD allows you to create a copy of a CD with the original. The program is not limited to CD but it is also able to establish the accurate reproduction of a DVD (-R,-RW, +R, +RW, + R Double Layer and RAM.). CloneCD has burn support from an image in ISO or UDF format , created with an external program like Nero, DVDShrink or CloneDVD.

    Or Use SwapMagic check this Thread for more information
    playstation copy via swapmagic

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