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Thread: cdr mooby plugin download

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    cdr mooby plugin download

    Hello , i have the Epsxe emulator , I need the cdr mooby Plugin As i was told by my freinds it is really a good plugin to use with the epsxe emulator , can you tell me Where Can i Download the Cdr Mooby Plugin , Thanks in advance

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    Re: cdr mooby plugin download

    This plugin can even read ISO files for the PSX games. yup there is no doubt it is An EXCELLENT plugin.

    CDR Mooby CDR Utility for Playstation download here

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    Re: cdr mooby plugin download

    New version of this excellent cdr mooby open source PSX plugin allow you to play isos for the PSX emulators Here are the improvements:

    • Adds a new caching mode for those of you with large amounts of RAM. at maximum when enabled, it will cache CDs about 110MB of data. try it out ...
    • A new "Enable SUBCHANNEL data" option lets you turn on / off SUBCHANNEL data for those games that don't works better with data SUBCHANNEL off for example)
    • More random SUBCHANNEL fixes

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    Re: cdr mooby plugin download

    If you experience playback problems with your ISO and games on CD-Rom, then simply choose this this plugin as it is the best. it can read almost all your games from ISO or CD-ROM. This new version fixes some bugs you can play with your ISO with the option File> Run ISO EpsxE on your emulator. If your game has audio tracks, I advise you to use the Mooby CDR plugin

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