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Thread: how to use wifi on no$gba

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    how to use wifi on no$gba

    Hello , I have No$Gba Emulator , Can You tell me Does it has have wireless(Wifi ) Support , if yes then Can you tell me how can i use the Wifi on No$Gba emulator , please Help me , thanks in advance

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    Re: how to use wifi on no$gba

    these Does Seem to be possible at this stage as the basic wifi emulation which is mentioned in the emulator’s changelog does not work yet for all intents and purposes above. This is also confirmed that it does not work yet for practical purposes.So let me repeat that. NO WIFI OR DS to DS LINK IS POSSIBLE AT THIS STAGE , No other DS emulator has working WiFi either.

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    Re: how to use wifi on no$gba

    Hello , You can Check this Threads for more information

    Wifi connection for DS emulator
    Ds Emulator with Wifi Network Support

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