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Thread: Music Keeps Playing after exiting ePSXe

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    Music Keeps Playing after exiting ePSXe

    Hello , i have Epsxe Emulator installed in my computer , the problem is that sometimes even when i exit the emulator , i can hear the sound running in the Background, i dont understand , why the music is playing although i have closed the epsxe emulator , please tell me how can i solve this problem, thansk in advance

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    Re: Music Keeps Playing after exiting ePSXe

    You might Have Not completely Exited from the Epsxe emulator , it is not possible for music to play after exiting the emulator , it could be running in the task manager

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    Re: Music Keeps Playing after exiting ePSXe

    It may be necessary to kill the executable program . But, for reasons of security and stability of your computer, do not kill a process without knowing what it is! In most cases, this can easily be resolved with the task manager of process windows (accessible with CTRL + ALT + DEL then goto DEL tab "process"): Right click on the. Exe in question ,click "End Process"

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    Re: Music Keeps Playing after exiting ePSXe

    To Taskkill the process manually, open a Command Prompt (Windows + R then type cmd and click OK) , If you have spotted a process to kill in task manager, and you know the name and possibly it PID (to display the P rocess ID, goto menus in Task Manager: View> Select columns > PID):

    write the command "taskkill /IM processname /F"
    write the command "taskkill /PID xxxx /F" (where xxxx is the number of PID)

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