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Thread: Can't find reg.exe

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    Can't find reg.exe

    Hello everybody

    I have downloading Internet Explorer 8 and after rebooting, I got an error message that says "windows cannot find C:\windows\system32\reg.exe".what happened to my computer.I have no clue please help me

    Any helps would be greatly appreciated..!!

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    Re: Can't find reg.exe

    Run a chkdsk next time the system restarts add a registry string value to the "runonce" key that will run "defrag.exe You could use schtasks.exe to schedule the jobs centrally,without going to each machine. I've never really added entries with the reg.exe program and I am not sure how I can get it to add in the command (defrag.exe) and all the parameters (c: -f) for the command. The parameters cause the "reg add" command to error out.

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    Re: Can't find reg.exe

    A CA anti virus program can result this kind of disturbance.If you have CA Anti Virus, the file likely to be in your quarantine folder of CA. Disable real time scanning and see if you can restore it from the quarantine section.Supposedly they are aware of the prob and working on a new definition file. its currently reporting false positives and causing all sorts of problems. Their solution is to not use your computer and wait for an update in 24 hours. Just makes me happy we moved all our clients away from them awhile back.

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    Re: Can't find reg.exe

    I would have to say that CA Anti-Virus has damaged in one day the goodwill they have built up in the times I have made use of it. A pathetic performance bound to cost them lots of customers.I have been paying for multi VET/CA for 6+ years and have never previously found a product that I liked better.This Microsoft offering is not on general release right now but there is no difficulty in finding a download and doing an Australian installation.The timing of this farce is doubly unfortunate because Microsoft Security Essentials is making rather a good fist of things.

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