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Thread: memory problems -what is best OS for FSX & Xplane9?

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    memory problems -what is best OS for FSX & Xplane9?

    Dont know much about computers but have built my own system for flight simulation. System consists of following:

    mobo: Asus P6T Deluxe
    CPU: intel i7 920
    RAM: 12gb ddr3 1600 corsair
    vram: dual nvidia gtx 295 w/SLI
    OS: Windows xp pro 32 bit

    Been having a problem with xplane & fsx telling me i am using too much ram in settings. Sustem only recognizing 2gb ram. bios sees all 12gb. read some of info here & now know that my OS is the problem. So my question is "What is the best OS to use?" also, i will upgrade ram to 24gb when 4gb chips come out.

    Thanks for help & suggestions.

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    Re: memory problems -what is best OS for FSX & Xplane9?

    I had lots of problem for flight simulation on windows vista and not able to over come of that but my bother manage to work it on windows xp and it working better without any problem on service pack 2

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    Re: memory problems -what is best OS for FSX & Xplane9?

    I would suggest a good graphics card which makes your system much better The thing is normal flight simulator Deluxe addition. Not the better version of it, gold addition. But may i alert you that when you install flight simulator it will slow down your computer and other game except your flight simulator

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