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Thread: ASLDR Service

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    ASLDR Service

    Hello, Can you explain me what is the ASLDR Service? Its present in my services as Automatic , can i disable it? What is purpose of this ASLDR Service ? Thanks for any info.

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    Re: ASLDR Service

    ASLDR Service Details: The process ASLDR Service belongs to the software ATK Hotkey by unknown.

    I think you should disable it.

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    Re: ASLDR Service

    Do you have ASUS laptop?

    ASLDR services allows the "Hotkeys" or Fn Keys to work correctly on ASUS Notebooks. If you'll disable it the "Hotkeys" and Fn Keys won't work anymore.

    The location for this file is :

    C:\Program Files\ASUS\ASUS Data Security Manager\ADSMSrv.exe

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