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Thread: Windows 7 on a T-series

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    Windows 7 on a T-series

    I have a gateway t-series. I wanted to get rid of the vista it came with and downgrade to XP. When I found out the drivers are nearly impossible to find, I gave up. Now a friend has a beta of Windows 7 and I want to see if it might work. Does anyone know if Windows 7 will work on it? I want to get rid of vista so bad, but I don't want to go through a hassle if it wont even work...

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    Re: Windows 7 on a T-series

    Windows 7 is the Best Operating System From Microsoft , Extremely Light , And Drivers for Windows Vista 64 bit Work with it very Well , So I think There will be no compatibility problem with it

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    Re: Windows 7 on a T-series

    First of all you will need a Windows XP compatible drivers for your system. Simply downgrading it will not work. So just insert your windows xp disk restart your system and perform a clean install. But before that go to the Gateway official and download the drivers for Windows XP specifically. The Driver and Download column will provide you some selections like model no, operating system, etc. Download them and then install windows xp. Another thing for Windows 7 the Vista drivers will work. Because the site does not specifically provide you the drivers for Windows 7. You will have to install it and check out.

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    Re: Windows 7 on a T-series

    This are system requirement for windows 7 :
    • 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)
    • 1GB of RAM
    • 16 GB of available disk space
    • Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface)
    • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

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    Re: Windows 7 on a T-series

    Yeah of course dude Windows 7 is the latest Operating System From Microsoft,which is Extremely powerful. According to my knowledge your default operating system drivers are compatible with the Windows 7 so no need to grab new simply do it man..

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