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Thread: Windows XP stack overflow error

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    Windows XP stack overflow error

    Hello Good morning
    I am running computer with windows Xp home edition with a 2.7 processor and 256 memory.Now I see am getting frequent stack overflow errors at line 17 when ever attempted to get a page by clicking on a link.This happens all the time when i try to open Fidelity Investments and T Rowe Price websites. I thus cannot open the page and get the desired information.Guess you guys can help me in this regard.

    thank you..!!

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    Re: Windows XP stack overflow error

    Ok mentioned you getting those errors with the Fidelity Investments and T Rowe Price websites.So i need to ask are you getting the errors when you try to open other pages it so it may be issue with your computer,else it will be WEB coding error on the site NOT on your system.

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    Re: Windows XP stack overflow error

    Some poorly written software application is the cause. Possibly malware. Have you scanned for viruses and spyware? Windows XP can catch many stack overruns in applications and if not will identify the error with the program. When not identified, it may be in a poorly written driver for a device. Which may occur when the device is being used in a way not planned for by the novice XP programmer who wrote the driver or even an Advanced programmer with little insight. else It's in Add/Remove Programs in the Control panel under "Windows Internet Explorer". Uninstalling will automatically restore your web browser.

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    Re: Windows XP stack overflow error

    I had this issue before and i had hard time in google searching for the cure.Finally I resolved the issue.Technically a programmer's error, a stack overflow happens when a program runs low on a specific type of memory. The memory is called the stack, and it's used to store information for the program like a scratch pad.I Went to Windows Update and download the available updates.Performed"Free Online Virus and Security Check" and removed all the craps.The issue is that the stack has only so much room and a sloppy or damaged program can use up that room quickly. When that happens, the microprocessor must take over and rescue the program, so that it bring down the entire computer system. The microprocessor steps in by halting the program and issuing a "stack overflow" error message.

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