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Thread: plugins for ideas emulator

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    plugins for ideas emulator

    Hello , Everybody , i want to download the plugin the IDeaS nintendo Ds emulator , Can you tell me Where can i download it , please Help me Thank in advance

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    Re: plugins for ideas emulator

    Hello , I think you will the All thedownload the related to the ideas emulator From Here

    you Have to got the emulator's main site. the Plugin and download Should be located at the bottom of the page.

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    Re: plugins for ideas emulator

    iDeaS is a Nintendo DS emulator that enables you to play Nintendo DS ROM files right on your PC.. the new version not only fixes many bugs, but also contains many improvements and new features. The program's interface resembles that of the actual gaming device, featuring a double screen and support for touch technology, only that this time you use your mouse instead of the Nintendo stylus.iDeaS allows you also to take snapshots of both screens and remap keys for a more comfortable game control. It includes a debugger to analyze the execution of ROM files , normally the Plugin the Shipped with Setup Files , i dont think you need to download it separately

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