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Thread: Nulldc 1.0.4 download

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    Nulldc 1.0.4 download

    Hi, can you tell me Where can i Download the Nulldc 1.0.4 download , I have epsxe , I need to download the Above plugin, please help Thanks in advance

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    Dr. V Guest

    Re: Nulldc 1.0.4 download

    nullDC-Naomi input plugin update
    As the 1.0.4 release will take a bit more than expected i decided to release an updated version of the input plugin for the naomi build.

    Changes :
    • Fixed compatibility problem with some games
    • Fixed compatibility problem with some Windows Vista systems
    • Keys can now be configured (still keyboard only)

    Link :
    Download updated input plugin

    Installation :
    Extract in the file in the plugin directory (ovewrite the old one).

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    Re: Nulldc 1.0.4 download

    Hello, the Earlier the 1.0.4 version of nullDC (DreamCast Emulator and Naomi) was delayed, drkIIRaziel decided to publish the updated Plugin nullDC-Naomi input. It supports the controls, the buttons to play. the Following update Fixed compatibility problem with some games. and also on Windows Vista systems. finally the Buttons can now be configured but through the keyboard only

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