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Thread: What is docx ?

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    What is docx ?


    Yesterday when I was checking some files on my lan network, I found a file with .docx extension. I have seen .docx extension file for the first time and I want to know what is docx ?

    Does anybody know any ideas or information regarding - docx ?

    kindly suggest


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    Re: What is docx ?


    Description -
    docx is a new document format provided by Microsoft. It is exclusively built for Microsoft Word 2007. This means .docx files cannot be opened with other MS Word versions and can be viewed only if you have Microsoft Word 2007 installed in your Windows system.

    When you save the documents in MS Word 2007, a .docx file extension is appended to the filename by default.

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    Re: What is docx ?

    DOCX is a Microsoft Word Open XML Document. This webpage includes following information:

    DOCX description, user guides and software to open/edit DOCX format file.

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    Re: What is docx ?

    In Microsoft Word 2007, docx is the new document format. The problem with docx is that this type of document works only with Microsoft Word 2007 and is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word. As a result, you will find that even if you have (earlier than 2007 version) Microsoft Word installed, you won’t be able to open your file.

    In order to implement docx file with your current Microsoft Word (other than 2007 version), the best solution is to use a compatibility pack offered by Microsoft which updates your Word installation with the necessary components.

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