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Thread: Eternal Sound Plugin Alternative

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    Eternal Sound Plugin Alternative

    Hello , I have Found that Most the people uses the Eternal Sound plugin rather Than using the internal Spu core plugin , Which seem to deliver Clear Sound , i would like to know your opinion about it , Thanks in advance

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    Re: Eternal Sound Plugin Alternative

    The Following problem seem to be the best alternative for the eternal sound plugin

    • Null2's SPU Driver V1.35 (Null2's SPU plugin has slowly become one of the best SPU plugins available. Recommended.)
    • Pete's MIDAS PSX SPU V1.07 (Pete's SPU plugin based on the free MIDAS library technology. A good alternative to Null2's plugin!)
    • Pete's DSound PSX SPU V1.15 (windows) (Updated May 12/2002) (Pete's latest SPU plugin, now based on DSound.

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    Re: Eternal Sound Plugin Alternative

    P.E.Op.S. DSound PSX SPU , The Windows PSX spu emulation plugin, using DirectSound. It's based on Pete's SPU Version 1.15. You can get the Windows binaries here,
    P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio SPU Version 1.9 (34 KByte Zip-File)

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    Re: Eternal Sound Plugin Alternative

    Most people uses the eternal because the it is the best software , and a goo way is to try all the plugins & decide for your self which one sound quality is better and which one works better on your sound card.

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