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Thread: Acees Denied to previous Administer files & folders

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    l33t Acees Denied to previous Administer files & folders

    Greetings, I recently installed Windows XP Pro Sp3 in the same partition as my previous Windows (XP Pro Sp2) when it ask if i would like to keep previous files and settings..I accepted thinking that after everything was said and done...I would reboot and be able to pick up where i left off with all programs, music files, pictures etc. etc. intact.... Well being this my first time installing windows and not backing up my system and transfering it over to my new Windows copy...all my files that were saved in the previous Administer folder give me the Access Denied slap in the face to make a long story short I've figured out how to gain full control question is.. is there anyway to gain full control of folder/subfolders/files in one take as opposed to pain stakingly going to each folder...gaining access..then going to its contents..only to have to gain full control of them as well and on and on and so on...i've been doing this for 5 days now and haven't scratched the surface i must have 2000 music folders alone...can anyone please ease my suffering!?!


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    Re: Acees Denied to previous Administer files & folders

    Access Denied errors during a service pack upgrade are mainly caused by insufficient user privileges, either for overwriting system files, or the Windows Registry, or both. What may have happened is that operating system files and folders, and/or branches of the Windows Registry have been assigned to "System" as the "Owner," rather than the "Computer Administrator" account you are using. Shit happens, bits get scrambled, permissions go awry! Don't worry, if that's the case we can fix it.

    See this link for more help : link

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