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Command prompt for beginners

Operating Systems

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Old 27-07-2009
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Command prompt for beginners

i am newbie with computer and trying to learn things about windows can some one help me to understand things about command prompt please tell me what can i do with command prompt to manage my windows ?
thank you

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Old 27-07-2009
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Re: Command prompt for beginners

Unlike COMMAND.COM, which is a DOS program, cmd.exe is a native program for the platform. This allows it to take advantage of features available to native programs on the platform and not available to DOS programs. SETLOCAL/ENDLOCAL commands limit the scope of changes to the environment, internal CALL and GOTO labels lessen the need for individual batch files to perform parts of a task. also see this about the command prompt

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Old 27-07-2009
Dr. V
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Re: Command prompt for beginners

You can use almost all windows utility from command prompt you also can Convert a FAT File System to NTFS try this

1.Close all open programs to avoid loss of data. Be prepared to restart your computer.
2.Open Command Prompt, and at the command prompt, type convert C: /FS:NTFS, where C represents the drive letter of the disk to convert. Press Enter or Return on the keyboard.
3.Wait while the process completes. Don't do anything while the conversion is taking place.
You can also open a Command Prompt from the Run line (available from the Start menu). Just type cmd and press Enter.

also you can do this
  1. View a Complete List of Drivers
  2. Scan and Repair Problems with a Hard Disk
  3. Command Line Shortcuts for Advanced Users
  4. Shut Down the System

check here for more
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Old 27-07-2009
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Re: Command prompt for beginners

If you tapes path in the command prompt you will see displayed all paths (directories) that cmd.exe will visit when you give can an order. To add a directory (system32 for example) you tapes path c: \ windows \ system32;% path% Make sure to add% path% at the end to add the path to those already entered. Or you replace them.
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