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Thread: 'C07ft5Y' Registry key

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    'C07ft5Y' Registry key

    I Have a CCleaner, just run a complete scan with it to remove unecessory registry entries, Its giving me Entry: C07ft5y ?

    Should i delete this? Any info about this registry entry?

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    Re: 'C07ft5Y' Registry key

    I have a same registry entry named HKLM\Software\C07ft5Y\WinXP , and i don't have any issue with my system so i think no need to worry.

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    Re: 'C07ft5Y' Registry key

    The registry key C07ft5y is supposedly the name of the company who makes the programs. There are multiple entries including games such as Morrowind, which is obviously not made by C07ft5y. I'll take this as a go ahead to delete the values. Can be a spyware try with AdAware and Spybot, not sure it will work.

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    Re: 'C07ft5Y' Registry key

    This is present on my windows xp also . A Google search indicates that it is accociated with C-dilla and some sort of copyright. I think its part of the C-Dilla copy protection. Did you install any programs that use this? e.g. 3D Studio max, Autocad etc. A couple of years ago c-dilla was used by Intuit's Turbo Tax as some type of product certification. If you have/had Turbo Tax, that could be the cause. There were a couple of spyware programs that reported it as malware, run Spybot S&D .

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