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Thread: Is Ntfs File System Right for SSD Disk

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    Is Ntfs File System Right for SSD Disk

    Hello , i have a Brand new Assembled Computer , the disk i bought is an SSd Drives , I was thinking of about Puttting Windows and linux in dual boot , well that is not an issue, the main problem is that I was confused about the file system to use, i dont have any idea , about which file system to opt for, as i heard the some file systems like fat are not suitable for ssd drive, so can you tell me What is the best option for my ssd Drive , please help me Thanks in advance

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    Re: Is Ntfs File System Right for SSD Disk

    Hello , i have also got a Similar question , I got an Acer Aspire One, and the important feature of this NETBOOK is to have a SSD disk of 8 GB , I heard that formatting the disk to ext3 would be very bad for its lifetime. However, in the ext2, the system can crash, causing loss of data ,Are there file system specifically designed for the SSD drives? What about reliability? Are they easy to put in place? please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Is Ntfs File System Right for SSD Disk

    I am installing Ubuntu on an Acer Aspire One with SSD and a disk is formatted as EXT2. You just need to avoid using a journaling system sp as to limit the records to disk. I have not managed to install openSUSE it never started the installation , So therefore Exit EXT3, ReiserFS, XFS, etc ... system ,You can also try using FAT16 ,

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    Re: Is Ntfs File System Right for SSD Disk

    Apparently, windows had problems because of the granularity of the file system as they are not optimized for SSD. but What about linux? After some personal research, I read that logfs and especially ubifs (supported by nokia) were specially arranged in the linux kernel for SSD.? However, it better to use the good old reiserfs and ext3 ,i think YAFFS2 is a also good system for the board but it remains relatively obscure and is not intended to include Linux

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