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Thread: Reg query in windows xp

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    Reg query in windows xp

    I am looking for information about Reg query, i know all the software and hardware installed on windows xp system are edited by REG query but need more information about how it works and procedure to access it.

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    Re: Reg query in windows xp

    REG query allows you change, add or delete value related with registry.You can Read, Set or Delete registry keys and values, save and restore from a .REG file. For example : REG QUERY HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ResKit\Setup\InstallDir Displays the value of the InstallDir registry entry.

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    Re: Reg query in windows xp

    Reg Adds, changes, and displays registry subkey information and values in registry entries. To view the command syntax, click a command : reg add
    Adds a new subkey or entry to the registry.

    Syntax :
    reg add KeyName [/v EntryName|/ve] [/t DataType] [/s separator] [/d value] [/f]


    The following examples show how you can use the reg add command:
    reg add \hklm\software\myco /v data /t reg_binary /d fe340ead
    reg add "hkcu\software\microsoft\winmine" /v Name3 /t reg_sz /d Anonymous
    reg add "hkcu\software\microsoft\winmine" /v Time3 /t reg_dword /d 5

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    Re: Reg query in windows xp

    Reg query : Returns a list of the next tier of subkeys and entries that are located under a specified subkey in the registry. Syntax : reg query <KeyName> [{/v <ValueName> | /ve}] [/s] [/se <Separator>] [/f <Data>] [{/k | /d}] [/c] [/e] [/t <Type>] [/z]

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