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Thread: Windows command line disappear

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    Windows command line disappear

    I've used XP for several years, but have never had this type of problem on my pc. When I type in CMD in windows Xp for some reason my command line comes up and then disappears? I've tried to open it many ways - from the start menu, from the run command, from the actual program file... but it all does the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions on what it could be? maybe a virus? What is wrong with my system all of a sudden, and what can I do to fix it?

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    Re: Windows command line disappear

    Here’s a solution to the problem of the command prompt disappearing. RUN window opens in c:\Documents and Settings/User>, and will not run msconfig from there, which is another reason that I am suspect of your solution, since I used to be able to run both commands from the Start-Run box. I try to ping and it dissappears. I try to run reg edit, it disappears. It wouldn’t do anything.

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    Re: Windows command line disappear

    Out of no where it just started to go away leaving me with a “WTF?” look on my face. Without running cmd I’d run something directly such as “ping to the site” or “ipconfig” and then I tried “regedit” and that didn’t work either. I know what the hell that is? I did some research on this and found out that NTVDM.exe is. It basically allows you to run Dos programs on Windows NT or XP successfully.

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    Re: Windows command line disappear

    Have you recently virus-checked your system with the latest definitions for your AV program? Some trojan's or malware may also crash your command prompt windows, You may use the following method to gain access to your command prompt,

    Start ---> All Programs ---> Accessories ---> Command Prompt

    Command prompt window opens up. Now type the command you wish to enter. You might, of course, have created your own batch file called "ipconfig.bat" but then you would be the best person to know about such customizations.

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