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Thread: event id 11 windows xp stop 00f4

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    event id 11 windows xp stop 00f4

    I am getting the above mentioned error message when I checked for the device, this error message has been forwarded by the device controller, I got this error message for the first time in my life, so can anyone suggest what it is and how it is to be done.

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    Re: event id 11 windows xp stop 00f4

    Event ID: 11
    Source: aic78xx
    Description: The driver detected a controller error on Device\ScsiPort0.

    If you have a server with SCSI drives and see a lot of EventIDs 11 and 15, this is a known issue and a hotfix has been released for Microsoft Windows Server 2003. In almost all cases, these messages are being posted due to hardware problems with either the controller or, more likely, a device that is attached to the controller in question.

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    Re: event id 11 windows xp stop 00f4

    Read the SCSI controller manufacturer's technical manual to determine the termination requirements. I had event 11 errors and it was a bug in my IBM ServeRaid firmware. Under heavy disk I/O these errors would occur. update the firmware and raid drivers and the problem was resolved. Many modern SCSI controllers require active terminators (at least one of the devices on the bus must provide termination power). Proper termination involves both a terminator (resistor) and a device that supplies a signal to the bus for termination power. "Prior to finding out about this bug, I temporarily resolved the problem by defragging my hard drive to reduce disk I/O".

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    Re: event id 11 windows xp stop 00f4

    To back up and restore the registry in Windows if the event id 11 occurs

    • Run Regedt32.exe.
    • Locate and click the following registry key, where x varies according to device number:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Hardware\Devicemap\Scsi\ScsiPortx\ScsiBusx\ TargetIdx\LogicalUnitIdx
    • Look at the REG_SZ identifier value to see the model number and firmware revision values. For example, in the following value, the firmware revision value is 0510:
      SEAGATE ST32430N 0510

    For more info check here,Microsoft support

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