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Thread: How to unlock computer with password

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    How to unlock computer with password

    Hello every one

    My problem is that my Hp pavilion notebook is locked and i can't unlock it any more the message all am getting is the computer is locked and can only be unlocked by the user or an administrator but when i put the information on right filed still the same. i have no idea what i have to do to solve the problem.any one here to help me..

    thanks in advance.!!!

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    Re: How to unlock computer with password

    I think you can do this method to get the access back to your note book hold down the Ctrl-Alt-Delete in order to enter user id and password in the required field . and after the completion of the information box for 'unlock computer' disappears do again a Ctrl-Alt-Delete and log on usual way

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    Re: How to unlock computer with password

    Are you sure you put the correct password in the field?may be it is because of un match in the in this case i would suggest you to Start system and when you see Windows Welcome screen / Login screen, press ctrl+alt+del keys twice and it'll show Classic Login box. give Username as Administrator and don't put any thing on Password field. Now press Enter and you should be able to log in Windows. reset your account password from \Control Panel - User Accounts\.this also you can do in Safe Mode.else aide Windows password reset software to reset the password

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    Re: How to unlock computer with password

    May be you can delete your old password using a third party program i know a good application for this purpose Download Windows Password Unlocker 4.0 and burn the .ISO file to a CD.put the cd on your laptop re start and then follow the instructions in order to delete the old password after that give a new password for that get in to your conrtol panel user account and create an administrative password in order to get all the system privileges

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