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Thread: session3_initialization_failed BSOD and virus

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    session3_initialization_failed BSOD and virus

    I believe I caught a virus on my Window XP system. It's a Dell 8400.
    After visiting a site. There's an fake shield icon on the lower right side and a message pop-up stating that my computer is infected. it then randomly redirect webpages to some sites.
    After I restart my computer, it disable my internet connection, my antiv-virus, my malwarebyte and a few other security programs. I am still able to log into my computer.
    It also disable the system restore, cmd, and regedit feature.
    I tried to boot into safe mode with different options and it always show the BSOD session3_inititation_failed.
    I then tried run>msconfig go to boot.ini tab and check /safeboot
    restart computer.
    From that point on, no matter what options I choose to boot after clicking F8, it goes to the BSOD session3_inititation_failed.
    Any suggestions?

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    Re: session3_inititation_failed BSOD and virus

    I would suggets you to reinstall your operating system and install a latest antivirus software on your laptop becaue many a times it happen that some of the files of your operating system might get corrupted. If you are still facing same issue then check out below links

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    Re: session3_initialization_failed BSOD and virus

    Why don't you let your Antivirus handle the virus. Reboot your computer in safe mode and scan your computer. Select Deep Scan or Full System Scan. And for the BSOD, also see these links :
    STOP Error 0x0000006f Session3_initialization_failed Options
    Session 3 Initialization Failed

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    Re: session3_initialization_failed BSOD and virus

    See this article :;en-us;236086

    The following procedure may make your computer unbootable or it may stop during startup with a "STOP 0x0000006F SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" error message if the associated LDM database that contains the original partitioning scheme does not agree with the partitioning scheme that was created when Windows 2000 was reinstalled. You should perform a system backup prior to following this procedure.

    To work around this problem, use a disk editing tool (such as DiskProbe) and save a copy of the master boot record (sector-0 of the physical disk) to a floppy disk, and then change the incorrect system or boot partition system-ID back to a type 0x42. Next run Regedt32 and ensure the following three services have a Start value of zero:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dmboot Start:REG_DWORD:0

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dmio Start:REG_DWORD:0

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dmload Start:REG_DWORD:0

    After you make these manual repairs, if the computer starts successfully, the dynamic disk should be recognized and associated volumes should become accessible again.

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    Re: session3_initialization_failed BSOD and virus

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
    I tried to use the anti-virus but it got deactivated.
    In addition, when I try to load into the safe mode, it still gave me the same BSOD regardless of which safe mode option I choose.
    I would like to save it without the reinstallation since it will take me a few days of work.

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    Re: session3_initialization_failed BSOD and virus

    Looks like you have both problem virus and boot partition its will be better if you take back up and format hard drive then install new copy of windows install avast antivirus keep updated your antivirus else it is useless ...

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    Re: session3_initialization_failed BSOD and virus

    I think you should try out the following steps. For that you need to go to Start Menu, then select Run and then type in msconfig. Then on the services tab, you need to turn off your readyboost service. Then reboot your system.

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