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Thread: Disable collapsing/expanding menu

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    Disable collapsing/expanding menu


    I am using windows XP on my personal computer On my menus, including the Start menu, the menus in Word, and other applications,it only list out a list of recently used items.and i noticed a double arrow pointing downward at the end of the list,when i click on it the menu will explore and displays everything present there.i would like to disable this feature.I liked it much better when I could just hover over "Programs" in the Start menu to see all my applications,anybody got idea how to do that??

    thanks for help.!!!

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    Re: Disable collapsing/expanding menu

    You can set this on your control panel for this locate
    START > Control Panel > Taskbar and start up menu then click the "Advanced" tab now go down and unmark "Enable Personalized Favourites Menu"

    best of luck

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    Re: Disable collapsing/expanding menu

    You know what programs will have their own settings for put it down on or off. For the start menu, you get two settings the first one is the ersonalized menus. second one is whether to show multiple columns for lengthy lists or a single column that scrolls.
    Right click the Start to take the Customize and unmark the box to scroll programs.XP Classic style menu Unmark box to scroll programs and box to use personalized menus.

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    Re: Disable collapsing/expanding menu

    If you make a menu item page from the gC component in a child position and require either registered or special rights for viewing,you can't see any longer expansion on parent item. but if expand the menu,after disabling the menu item to re-enable the page, it won't collapse.altering rights to public for the component page gives good functionality to the menu in order to expand and collapse in definite way.

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