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Thread: How to move user profile in Windows Vista

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    How to move user profile in Windows Vista

    I am working on HP computer running Windows Vista. I have noticed very often that the computer works too slow. For this reason I thought of to format the computer and reinstall Windows Vista with my bootable disk once again. But the problem is that I have lots of data and settings on my computer for my login. I would like to save them. I know there are many software available in the market as well as on internet which help us to take backup of my data but what about my settings. Can I save them? Is it possible for me to move the User profile in Windows Vista?

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    Re: How to move user profile in Windows Vista

    1. Go to Start, Computer, and double-click your drive (on which you want to take the backup).
    2. On the Windows Explorer toolbar, click Organize and select "New Folder".
    3. Assign a unique name to the folder and open it.
    4. Again go to Start and click on your user name.
    5. Copy all folders from here to the folder created earlier.

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    Re: How to move user profile in Windows Vista

    Whether you are reinstalling Windows or replacing computer, Windows Easy Transfer can move user accounts, files and folders, program settings, Internet settings and favorites, and e-mail settings from a computer running earlier versions of Windows to Windows Vista. Before using Windows Easy Transfer, though, you must prepare it for use by copying it to media that you can use to run it on earlier versions of Windows. To do this:

    1.Start Windows Easy Transfer: click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, click System Tools, and then click Windows Easy Transfer.

    2.On the welcome screen, click Next to continue.

    3.If you have any programs open, Windows Easy Transfer will prompt you to close them. You can close them yourself, or you can click Close All in Windows Easy Transfer, and it will close them for you. Then, click Next to continue. If you donít see the Windows Vista taskbar, press the Windows key.

    4.Click Start a new transfer.

    5.Click My new computer.

    6.Click No, show me more options.

    7.Click No, I need to install it now.

    8.Choose the destination for the Windows Easy Transfer files. If you want to use a USB flash disk or portable USB hard drive, make sure itís plugged in to the computer. If you want to put the files on a network share, make sure the computer is on the network. In any case, any computer on which you want to run Windows Easy Transfer using these files must also have access to the same hard disk or network share.

    9.Type the path of the folder in which to put the Windows Easy Transfer files, and then click Next.

    10.Click No, I need to use a CD, DVD, or other removable media.

    11.Click Close.

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    Re: How to move user profile in Windows Vista

    I don't know what others would and had said but according to me what I have done was move one by one by right-clicking at each folder for example \Users\Account1\Documents, \Users\Account1\Downloads, \Users\Account1\Music etc. I know this is time consuming but it is the safest and guaranteed what I found.

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