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Thread: How to change path of hiberfil.sys

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    How to change path of hiberfil.sys


    The Hibernate feature is enabled on my PC, due to which there is a Hibernate file called hiberfil.sys that is located on my Windows Installation drive. I want to change the path of hiberfil.sys and move from my windows installation drive to another partition.
    Anyone knows how to change the hiberfil.sys path ?

    plz help.....thanks

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    Re: How to change path of hiberfil.sys

    The hiberfil.sys file is a very useful file that is used to save the state of the Windows session when you activate hibernation (Suspend to Disk). This file is normally invisible and protected as a system file and it is not advisable to just delete it like any other file.

    The file cannot be moved easily when you defragment the C: drive. To move or change the location :

    Start > Control Panel > Power Options > Hibernate tab > Uncheck the box "Enable Hibernation"

    You can also read how much space the C:\hiberfil.sys file is consuming. As soon as you confirm with "OK" the file is removed and you regain the space on the C: drive.

    You cannot suspend to disk anymore. However, you can re-enable hibernation again as long as you keep enough space available on the C: drive.

    You may want to keep this file but wish to place it at a different location and/or specify a different size. Note: if you want to change this file must be ready to reboot the machine. Here is what you should do :

    • Start > Run > type regedit
    • Edit key: My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Curre… Manager\Memory Management\PagingFiles
    • This key contains a string with three space separated values :
      • "Path"
      • "minimum size"
      • "maximum size".
    • Choose both sizes = 0, if you want to have the system use an appropriate amount and adjust the new path.


    You will see the desired change has been effected...

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    Re: How to change path of hiberfil.sys

    No. I would not advice you to change or modify the path of the crucial files. The hibernation files are one of the important and crucial files which must remain on the same drive or partition as the Windows XP operating system.

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    Re: How to change path of hiberfil.sys

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