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Old 08-07-2009
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question sbs2003 - sbs2008 Partial Migration

Hi All:

I am currently running a crippled installation of sbs2003. Long story short, the partitions were resized while I was on vacation. Came back to work to a server that had been formatted and restored from Windows Backup. The event logs are chocked full of new errors by the minute. I have tried everything to revive it 100%. Currently SQL will not install, Monitoring Services is freaking out, the list goes on and on...

This server functions as our exchange server and fileserver. For those two functions, it seems to be working despite the rampant errors.

My boss wants me to fix our situation and upgrade us to 2008. I am looking to purchase a new server with sbs2008 (or fresh install sbs2008 on current box. Havent decided) and migrate just some of the data from the old server. I would like to keep the old Active Directory, Exchange mailboxes, and whatever else would be necessary to support those functions.

Is this easily accomplished?

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Old 08-07-2009
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Re: sbs2003 - sbs2008 Partial Migration

Here is a guide which will tells you how to migrate an existing Windows SBS 2003 domain to Windows SBS 2008 and then to migrate the settings and data.

This Migration Guide includes the following steps:

1. Prepare your Source Server for Windows SBS 2008 migration You must ensure that your Source Server and network are ready for migration. This section guides you through backing up the Source Server, evaluating the Source Server system health, installing the most recent service packs and fixes, verifying the network configuration, and raising the functional level of the Microsoft? Active Directory? Domain Services (AD DS) domain and forest. You must also run the Migration Preparation Tool on the Source Server, which updates the AD DS schema, installs an update that extends the time limit for the migration, and configures Exchange Server to support migration.

2. Create a migration answer file for Windows SBS 2008 migration An answer file is used by Windows SBS 2008 Setup to automate the installation and to run Setup in migration mode. This section introduces you to the migration answer file and guides you through using the Answer File Tool to create the migration answer file.

3. Install Windows Small Business Server 2008 in Migration Mode for Windows SBS 2008 migration This section explains how to use the migration answer file to install Windows SBS 2008 on the destination server in migration mode.

4. Move settings and data to the Destination Server for Windows SBS 2008 migration The Migration Wizard helps you migrate settings and data from the Source Server to Windows SBS 2008. This section explains how to use the Migration Wizard and provides information about the settings and data that you can migrate.

5. Delete the old Folder Redirection Group Policy object for Windows SBS 2008 migration This is the final task to re-home the redirected folders to the Destination Server. Perform this task only if you had folder redirection enabled on the Source Server.

6. Optional post-migration tasks for Windows SBS 2008 migration After you finish migrating all settings and data to Windows SBS 2008, you may want to map permitted computers to user accounts, enable folder redirection, configure POP3 connectors, or update mailbox quotas on your new server.

7. Run the Windows SBS 2008 Best Practices Analyzer After you finish migrating data and settings to Windows SBS 2008, you should download and run the Windows Small Business Server 2008 Best Practices Analyzer.
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Old 08-07-2009
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Re: sbs2003 - sbs2008 Partial Migration

Thanks for your quick responses. I gave all the documents you submitted a thorough reading and I feel confident about moving selective items to a new machine.

What about this scenerio:

I uninstall 2003 from my current machine. Install 2008 over it. Copy up AD and Exchange info from removable media.

Is this possible? I am trying to investigate all options.
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