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Thread: Netsh winsock reset

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    Netsh winsock reset

    Hello every one

    My computer with Windows xp professional gives me not responding needs to close kind of errors i just tried a netsh winsock reset cmd but my command prompt is reluctant to do with keep on pops up winsock reset not found.... anyone tell me how can i rest it in order to resolve it?

    any help would be greatly received..

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    Re: Netsh winsock reset

    Launch run from your start menu and type the word "cmd" in the open order to get the command prompt.When the DOS screen comes up, type "netsh winsock reset." Press "Enter." Type "exit" to close the DOS window and go back to Windows.

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    Re: Netsh winsock reset

    Most of the Internet connectivity problems are due to wrong Winsock because of the installation of a networking software, or Malware attack. he packets won't transfer back and forth even if you connected to internet int his scenario
    WinSock XP Fix is a tool to resolve the issue..
    netsh winsock reset catalog resets the Winsock catalog to the default configuration. While use of this command can restore network connectivity, take attention while doing this since any pre-installed LSPs will need to be re-installed.

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    Re: Netsh winsock reset

    Windows XP user better use Winsockfix program to reset winsock catalog.than trying with commands

    Go to Start and click Run…type cmd.exe and click OK. type netsh winsock reset in command prompt.. done with

    Windows Vista users

    * Start>All Programs>Accessories

    * Right-click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

    * type netsh winsock reset in command prompt and hit ENTER button.done

    *restart the computer in order to complete the reset

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    Re: Netsh winsock reset

    Type this in command prompt - netsh reset winsock catalog

    100% works.

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