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Thread: Create multiple partition in USB

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    Create multiple partition in USB

    I have 4 GB usb drive. I want to ask that is there a way by which I can create multiple partition in it. Like how we create in a hard disk. Each drive is assigned a letter. Then one consist of OS and others are empty. The same way instead of using the entire 4 GB as single can I create a two partitions of 2GB each in it. Please provide some suggestions. Thanks.

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    Re: Create multiple partition in USB

    It is not possible in the USB drive. Because USB drives does not have a Hardware AES chip. This chip is enable to determine the partition format and sectors in a disc. That is why any regular hard drive is identified by a system as single 4 GB removable space. I do not think so that there is any tool which can do this. If yes then the USB will only work in your system and not in others.

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    Re: Create multiple partition in USB

    Try True Crypt for your issue. I will not guarantee you that it works but still you can try to create a partition by this. It is a open source freeware tool which is used to create a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk. It can encrypts a storage drive or hard drive of computer. It is a freeware tool and can be downloaded from any site. Just search it on the net.

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    Re: Create multiple partition in USB

    Gnome Partition Editor can create partition in the USB Drive. But before doing anything just backup your data. Download and Install the tool. Here Gnome can subdivide the disc in one or more partition. It can enable and disable partition flags such as boot and hidden. You create, delete, resize, check, copy and paste the drives. It is an open source application.

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