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Thread: Missing rundll32.exe file

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    Missing rundll32.exe file

    Hello every one
    My computer has a problem,am not able to take the properties, MY
    computer, My Network, Internet Explorer and i can't even modify the date and time when i attempt to take all the above it gives me "Windows cannot find C-windows-system32-rundll32.exe".
    I scanned with SFC/scannow and anti virus but to no avail
    guys please help me to resolve the matter
    any help would greatly received..
    thanks anyway..

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    Re: Missing rundll32.exe file

    Ok it sounds like rundll32.exe file missing or corruptedl which is basically a vital component of the best solution for this problem is download the file from the internet and replace it

    you need to place the rundll32.exe file in C:\Windows\System32. possibly delete the old file which been infected

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    Re: Missing rundll32.exe file

    I think it is due to a broken .EXE association with you rundll32.exe file
    may be you can solve the issue by trying a registry patch
    download this link and append it in to your registry
    now reboot your machine and see any change
    good luck

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    Re: Missing rundll32.exe file

    Delete the following registry
    take start menu> run and type Regedit.
    now locate this folder and delete it
    but before this you need to back up your registry because any fatal error will damage your computer

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