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Thread: NDIS.sys error

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    NDIS.sys error

    I would boot up to the Windows Splash screen with the loading bar running, but fails to go beyond that point. done system restore and everything seemed fine,but back again the same happening nario. now Launched Safe Mode with networking and Last Known Configuration. Enabling the stop on error option ended up with this message
    STOP 0X000000D1 (OXF8346070, 0X00000007, 0X00000000, 0XF8333EC2
    NDIS.SYS address F8346070 Base at F831B000
    NDIS.SYS address F333EC2 Base at F831B000

    I ran Microsoft's memory tester and two errors came up.finally I hooked up the modem.Safe mode still works, but last known good configuration brings up the NDIS.SYS error again.can i disable the onboard NIC and install a PCI network card.
    give me some valuable advices brothers
    thanks for reading...

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    Re: NDIS.sys error

    DRIVER IRQL not less or equal is a issue. make sure Windows is not IRQ sharing anything else important with the NIC.may be try to use IRQ 9, 10 or 11 as long as drivers are current, and there won't be a sharing conflict.verify your your NIC is IRQ sharing. the other cause may be of an Outdated Drivers Some ram chips can badly act on some motherboards.

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    Re: NDIS.sys error

    I think you have to chnage the irq settings to do that launch the device manager Right click on the device in the list select properties locate the Resources tab.
    unmark the tick from the Use automatic settings option. and choose anon-conflicting configuration from the pull down box.

    good for you..

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    Re: NDIS.sys error

    Well am not big expert in a computer but when i still had problem with the BSOD with NDIS.SYS on my friend's computer i simply search the issue on google and i find some where the cure they advised use config.sys to expand ndis.sy_ into system32/drivers. and now his computer working exactly healthy
    may be you can try to do this....but am not sure if it work for you or not..
    best of luck

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