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Thread: Msconfig not found

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    Msconfig not found


    I am running Windows XP Professional with SP2.I'm in big woes,when i just tried to remove the msn from startup, tried to launch the msconfig,how ever it is says it is not installed or not found on my computer,how can get back my msconfig
    guys please help me out
    thanks for any help...

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    Re: Msconfig not found

    All right you have to go into control panel and find it I forgot where all I do if i never use i program I do not want.just go into add/remove programs and delete it...and get the application from internet and install it

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    Re: Msconfig not found

    looks like a possible virus attack,I would check where the file should be,If it's not in there, as things stand,
    I'd guess it's not where it should be.all i want to say is get up to date database for your Anti virus application and run a scan.

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    Re: Msconfig not found

    when i had this problem,the program was in C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries ,
    from where it is not possible to work with a run command without the target just shift it's location to C:\WINDOWS.

    good luck

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