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Thread: Windows 7 Backup error 0x810000ff

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    Windows 7 Backup error 0x810000ff

    Hi friends,
    I installed Windows 7, but the partition was small approximately 15GB eventually decided to re size and done with Ubuntu. It replaced the partition left on the disk,since then Windows wouldn't boot anymore.immediately i recovered the windows and now it work fine

    But problem when i try to backup,it disagree to run when I drag anything in C:\ in the files to backup. but no issue with back up other partitions on the same physical disk. Now am getting these error messages
    Backup failed Windows Backup had to skip all the drives included in backup. Make sure that the drives are plugged in and working correctly. (0x810000FF).

    I'm quite sure that Windows Backup is trying to find something about my old partition configuration but sucks to the core at 6%, just after successfully creating a shadow copy...... any guess how to increase logging or completely reset configuration information for the Windows Backup ??

    thanks for reading me...

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    re: Windows 7 Backup error 0x810000ff

    create your partition with windows 7 primary and active.
    launch backup and restore..try from on the right side where it says backup now. go to the left pane and it says turn off schedule... create an image backup... create a system recovery disk.its a solution for a manual backup only. attempt one more backup using the scheduled normal backup method

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    re: Windows 7 Backup error 0x810000ff

    The Review your backup settings, notes that you will need a System Repair disc to restore an System Image.. You can also use your Windows 7 installation DVD to assist with the restoration of your System Image.if you finish everything, its time to start the back up, click Save settings and run backup button

    launch Windows Backup and Restore service .take the Service by right click Properties > under the General tab > Startup

    type list box, and select 'Automatic',and apply. Click the 'Play' button on the Toolbar to Start the service. Do the same for Windows Shadow Copy service. the 'Create a system image' task link in the Backup and Restore explorer, ease to backup Windows 7 installation which proceeded without any issues

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    re: Windows 7 Backup error 0x810000ff

    This error indicates that you do not have enough space on C drive..Confirm this? need at least 400MB of free space on the boot volume in order to temporarily create the backup zip file before copying it to the target. else, zip and send across the contents of C:\Windows\Logs\Windows Backup.....

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