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Thread: I got hp error 1002 please help.

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    I got hp error 1002 please help.


    I did a system restore due to some software installation problem.
    But after the system restore I got error 1002 for my hp laptop.
    If anyone know about this error then please let me know what to do?

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    Re: I got hp error 1002 please help.

    Hey i had same problem with my hp system,
    the reason i don't know but it was due to addition of internal hdd to my system.
    I got this hp error 1002 on screen so I called my system engineer & he solved it.
    I suggest you to call your system engineer & solve the problem.

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    Re: I got hp error 1002 please help.

    I also got the same problem with error 1002 on my hp laptop.
    What i did experienced was the system been very unstable. I tried to update & fix it. but I seen that the nero application crashed and My symantec antivirus could not complete the full scan process.
    I contact Hp support & they asked about the system restore which was the reason behind the error 1002 & I tried different hard disk to replace the old one but the error was still there. I got the same 1002 error
    I am still waiting for my new hard disk from hp.

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    Re: I got hp error 1002 please help.

    Have you tried using recovery partition which is on the hard disk.
    If that doesn't help then don't west time fixing it. IF its under warranty.
    Take it back for exchange at the place you bought it or contact HP support.
    Did the DMI Utility have been installed on the hard drive. If not the disc is not going to install correctly.

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    Re: I got hp error 1002 please help.

    Sorry I'm late getting involved in this thread. This same problem just happened to me. Here's the bottom line. HP's restore images are bad. I proved this by using a Microsoft disc and the key code on the side of the computer tower. Vista installed flawlessly. That same hard drive is now running Windows 7. My restore discs already contained a patch and HP phone support asked for the batch number on the discs. This leads me to believe it's a known issue with them. Did HP try to sell you a new computer, too, because of their bad software?

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