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Thread: Sony Vaio Drivers Urgent

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    Sony Vaio Drivers Urgent


    can anyone please guide me on where to find the Drivers for SONY VIAO
    im not sure what the model no is as there are 2 wriiten
    one at the back :- PCG-5S7P
    and one under the screen:- VGN-SR45M

    i tried to find it on the sony esupport but the model nos are not there

    please reply asap as i need it urgently

    thanks in advance

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    re: Sony Vaio Drivers Urgent

    You can check out the following link, as it will help you to find out the drivers for your SONY VIAO. Hope so the above link help you to resolve your issue.

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    re: Sony Vaio Drivers Urgent

    The model number of your Sony Vaio Laptop is : VGN-SR45M
    Download drivers and other fixes from official sony web-site. Here is the link :

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    re: Sony Vaio Drivers Urgent

    Here's the dedicated link for you -

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