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Thread: Vista mouse fix

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    Vista mouse fix

    hi ,
    i am running on vista can any one help me to Disable Mouse Acceleration as i am having acceleration in all games so please help me disable it....
    thank you

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    Re: Vista mouse fix

    i am also having same problem For some games mouse acceleration is on and it really worst .Does anyone know how to turn it off with a command or a launch option?I am using a Logitech G8. can anyone help?

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    Re: Vista mouse fix

    The default settings for the mouse have acceleration enabled. To disable acceleration in the Mouse Control Panel tool, you can move the Mouse Speed slide bar all the way to the left. However, this makes the mouse pointer move very slowly in relation to the movement of the mouse. Disabling acceleration is desirable for some users of Windows NT, such as CAD users, but making the default mouse speed the only speed is impractical.

    To implement a higher default mouse pointer speed for the currently logged in user, use the Registry Editor for Vista mouse fix (Regedt32.exe) to edit the following registry key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

    1. Set the value of MouseThreshold1 to 0.
    2. Set the value of MouseThreshold2 to 0.
    3. Set the value of MouseSpeed to 1 or 2 (1 doubles the normal speed, 2 quadruples the normal speed).
    4. Close Registry Editor, close all applications, and restart Windows NT.

    check here for more

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    Re: Vista mouse fix

    1. Click on Start > Control Panel.
    2. In the classic view, double click on the Display icon.
    3. Select the Settings tab and go to the Advanced button.
    4. select Troubleshoot tab.
    5. Here disable the hardware acceleration completely by dragging the slider to left

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