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Thread: Windows 7 RC oxc000000f error code

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    Windows 7 RC oxc000000f error code

    I have recently downloaded Windows 7 RC 64 bit and I wanted to dual boot Windows 7 RC with Windows XP 64 edition. I partitioned one of my drive and did a clean install of Windows 7 but I am continuosly getting Windows 7 error code oxc000000f . I then started again to boot from the dvd for repairing but it gave me an error message "the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessable". Can anyone help me out to solve Windows 7 error code oxc000000f ? Thanks in advance

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    Re: Windows 7 RC oxc000000f error code

    Just try to choose the option "start windows normally", if your windows did not boot on the normal window you need a cd to repair your operating system, but if dont have any cd, thats the problem because you need a OS cd so that you can repair your computer

    Because, i seen on your post that there is a windows file corrupted, so in that case you need to repair your computer or you will need to re-install the OS

    but first of all just try to do this:

    1. turn off your computer

    2. then after that, turn on again your computer and while the screen is blank, just keep tapping F8 key until you will see the advanced boot options

    3. after that, click repair computer, after you click that windows will load

    4. you will then choose the US as keyboard layout

    5. just follow the on-screen instruction

    6. if you will see like "choose an recovery option", just choose start-up repair

    7. and then your computer will begin the start-up repair

    Hope will work, but if nothing happens thats the time that you need to reinstall the OS of your computer.
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    Re: Windows 7 RC oxc000000f error code

    Oonly thing I could think of is that something got changed in the Bios by Windows 7 install and now, you're having that issue but, it is pretty far fetched.

    I would go into the Bios and set everything at Default and see if this helps. Again, this is totally far fetched and if you are not comfortable with touching your Bios, I would suggest against it.

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    Re: Windows 7 RC oxc000000f error code

    I guess it could be a bad download of Windows 7 RC dvd . Try to download a new Windows 7 RC dvd and see if it causes similar issues. However, you can also check out workaround or solution given on oxc000000f error code for windows vista:
    I'm constantly getting the error File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000
    Problem with status 0xc00000f / winload.exe Error

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