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Thread: Port Forwarding in Windows 7

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    Port Forwarding in Windows 7

    I have a small question, i can't do the successful port forwarding in windows 7 with my Belkin Router , in vista i was able to do it easily. If some one know the exact method to perform it, then please show me the right path. Thank you very much .

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    Re: Port Forwarding in Windows 7

    You might be connecting to the router to an ip outside of the range you have forwarded? set up the ports for a specific IP/IP range, set up Windows 7 to assign a static network IP to your machine. Hope this will help.

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    Re: Port Forwarding in Windows 7

    Refer to this guide if it helps : How to use Remote Desktop in Windows 7

    Prepare the Router

    This stage differs from one router to another. We will give you a general idea and you should refer to the manual of your router for confirmation.

    • Go to the administration interface of the router by typing its IP address in the web browser (for example
    • Enter Login and Password
    • In the page that comes up, search for Port Forwarding.
    • Then add following data:
      • Name: Give it a unique name like Remote Desktop
      • External Port: 3389
      • Internal Port: 3389
      • Destination IP address/server: Enter the IP address of the computer as defined in step 1 (e.g.
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    Re: Port Forwarding in Windows 7

    In System security select advance properties. the go to firewall settings , there you'll find nound and outbound option and ports selection options.

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    Re: Port Forwarding in Windows 7

    thanks go raiden, works

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