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Thread: How to disable windows automatic update

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    How to disable windows automatic update

    I am windows Xp user and i guess this is a very simple question for many users but unfortunately and fairly i have no idea hoe to disable the Windows automatic update. Actually i want to do this to get rid of the notification that comes up with the pop ups while working. So please help me.

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    Re: How to disable windows automatic update

    Windows XP may routinely activate the Windows Update feature to scan and download updates to Windows XP automatically. Anyways disabling the windows automatic updates is very easy.

    Go to Start and select control Panel. Open the System icon and choose the Automatic Updates tab. There you will see the option to turn them OFF.

    You can also do the same by right clicking the My computer icon on the desktop and select properties. Under advanced Tab turn off the Windows Update. Thats it

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    Re: How to disable windows automatic update

    The default setting in Windows XP is to have XP scan for updates automatically. If you follow a specific routine for your updates or if your connection doesn’t effectively support having this feature run automatically, disable it as follows:

    Go to Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System > select Automatic Updates.

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    Re: How to disable windows automatic update

    Its really much simple process. Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate your help.

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