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Thread: net stop terminal services not working

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    net stop terminal services not working

    I have a windows 2003 server with SP1 installed on my computer. I have a problem, I cannot stop terminal services nor can i start a stopped service. I have to reboot the server for changes to be made. Can anyone help me to stop any terminal service without a reboot? The option to restart the service or start/stop appears greyed out [like disabled]. Please help!

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    Re: net stop terminal services not working

    Did you try using the commands from command prompt? See this :

    To start a service, type:

    net startservice

    To stop a service, type:
    net stopservice

    To pause a service, type:
    net pauseservice

    To resume a service, type:
    net continueservice

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    Re: net stop terminal services not working

    I tried to restart the service by using the commands as you mentioned, buut still no luck... The only option left for me is to reboot the computer and try if it works... I cannot afford to reboot the server every now and then, Please help...!

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    Re: net stop terminal services not working

    If you can't work out any solution, i would suggest you to repair install Windows 2003 Server whenever you have planned a down time... May be that woul help to fix this problem. First get help from Microsoft...!

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