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Thread: Windows 7 pictures appears on the Microsoft Store

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    Windows 7 pictures appears on the Microsoft Store

    The release of Windows 7, now scheduled for 22 October 2009, approaching, and the rumors concerning him are confirmed one by one. Visual boxes of the successor of Windows Vista have made their appearance on the U.S. Microsoft Store. They correspond well to visuals that a Polish site had put his hand there is a little less than a month.

    Only Home Premium editions (Home Premium), Professional (Professional) and Ultimate (Ultimate) will be sold for recall in trade, other editions are reserved integrators. The rounded edge, and trademark of Microsoft, has again been chosen for these boxes that also display a visual very sober, respectively green, blue or black.

    In addition to the minimum system requirements, Microsoft is ignoring the past and said that Windows 7 was designed from feedback from users and that "therefore see many things that were requested. The software giant insists particularly on the taskbar rearranged or the new function Aero Snap, as well as system performance.

    Great unknown: the selling price of Windows 7.

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    Re: Windows 7 pictures appears on the Microsoft Store

    Faster, more responsive performance: Nobody likes to wait. Windows 7 makes it easy to use your PC to stream music, videos, or photos to your home audio-video system and other networked media devices.

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    Re: Windows 7 pictures appears on the Microsoft Store

    In Windows 7 Access recently used files with just two clicks. Right-click the relevant program icon (such as Word) on your taskbar and Jump List will show your most recent, frequently used, and pinned Word documents.

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