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Thread: Switch user and Last Username

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    question Switch user and Last Username


    I wonder if it possible to have the switch user option enabled in windows Vista and for it not to show the last user

    I work in a multi user envirnoment and for security reasons we can not show the last user. We have a product called "Passsword manager" which will only work within Windows Vista if the option for switch user is available

    We work in a domain enviroment and have open labs that anyone can log onto
    If you enable option to not show last user, the switch option in logon will disappear and therefore our password manager will not be viewable,

    We had no problems with windows xp as this option was available under the control+alt+del option

    Therefore in an ideal world with windows vista

    when it is started, a switch user option should be viewable and when you click on that it should show

    Other(ie new user login)
    and Password manager.

    Any ideas on this would be much appreciated, i have checked weeb and found nothing.

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    Re: Switch user and Last Username

    I guess this is what you looking for. See the last post : How to change the way users log on in vista

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    Re: Switch user and Last Username

    For that you need to click on teh Start menu and then select Run and type 'secpol.msc' without the quotes in it. Then you need to accept UAC prompt on your pc. Then on the left pane option, try to open Local Policies "Security Options". Then click on the Security Options, then try to scroll the right pane down half way. Then you need to Right click on the ones you want and then click on properties, select enable/disable and finall click on Ok tab.

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