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Thread: Vista 64 bit won't open file

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    Vista 64 bit won't open file

    After installing windows vista 64 bit on my pc, i have noticed that some .exe file are not opening. When i click on that file it says appplication are need to open that file. What does that mean? Which application required? Windows xp open that same files without any error message. How can I get Vista to open the .exe file?

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    Re: Vista 64 bit won't open file

    To open the lock file in windows follow the proceduer :

    Go to Start select Control Panel then go to Administrative Tools select Computer Management. You will see the plus sign next to the shared folder, click on that sign and select open files.Right-click a file in the right pane, and choose Close Open File from the menu.Then try to open .exe file.

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    Re: Vista 64 bit won't open file

    The problem occur due to various viruses that mess up all the Registry data which runs the .exe file.So this can cause nothing to happen when you double click an .exe file in My Computer.You can totally remove this virus from vista using AVG but you must first disable the system restore feature. Then reboot your system and run AVG Full Scan.

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    Re: Vista 64 bit won't open file

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