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Thread: Keyboard won't load on boot to access Bios settings

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    Keyboard won't load on boot to access Bios settings

    A month or so ago I upgrade my motherboard and CPU.When i tried to restart my system after making all the setup, system freezes suddenly. System gets freeze at the screen with all the information about the Processor, Hard Disks, PCI Devices etc. When I tried reformatting HDD before changing the motherboard i tried formatting so that it could be reformatted. And for that i checked for the boot menu, the keyboard wasn't working. Additionally, the keyboard wouldn't work in the setup either. Although it functions perfectly well on other computers and did so to for me to actually get into the setup and boot menu.What would be the problem with my keyboard, I have no clue..

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    Re: Keyboard won't load on boot to access Bios settings

    This problem may arise if your Bios drivers did not accept the keyboard generally this does not happen but may the problem, Have you tried resetting the BIOS to default by using motherboard jumpers or removing CMOS battery?

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    Re: Keyboard won't load on boot to access Bios settings

    I assume you plugged the PS/2 keyb in the green plug in the back of the pc. It should work, but you may have to disconnect power cord, wait 1 min, hook it up, and power on. you can do if you are unable to get past BIOS, not even any sort of possible BIOS update CD, or anything like that would help. My only suggestion would be to try taking the battery out again. PS/2 isn't plug-n-play. USB is. BTW, I am using USB keyb/mouse no problems in bios, in dos, linux & windows. The key is to enable USB keyb/mouse. Or set them to BIOS/OS.

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    Re: Keyboard won't load on boot to access Bios settings

    I've just started having a similar issue on an MSI P35 board, but later i found the solution on it. If the computer only has USB ports for mice and keyboards, then it should have the default BIOS options on that enable USB keyboards and mice.there is no way that ALL 6 usb ports would go bad?? there are 3 sets of them, all with different connections to the motherboard so i doubt it. even the pci card usb won't work. there must be another work around to get in that bios. If they didn't have that as default, then they screwed up, because any time someone inserted a USB keyboard or mouse after resetting the BIOS, it wouldn't work and they couldn't enter the BIOS to enable them.

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