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Thread: Cannot Run .Exe Files In Vista

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    Cannot Run .Exe Files In Vista

    Hello , i Have a Windows Vista System The Problem is that I Cannot Run any Exe Files Whenever I am Trying to run a file with having .exe extention, i got this error message stating that "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set associations control panel." i Dont what to do please help me Solve these

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    Re: Cannot Run .Exe Files In Vista

    You Can First try this just Open the File Types dialog box from the windows Explorer You Can use My Documents or My Computer (in my computer Select Tools then Folder Options after that File Types Tab).and Scroll down to where .EXE is located and make sure .EXE is not there (if it is, then edit it there by changing the association to Application). Finally, select the New button, type in EXE for the extension and select the Advanced button. From the list pick "Application."

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    Re: Cannot Run .Exe Files In Vista

    Here You Will Get the Solution You Can Over Here File association fixes for Windows Vista

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    Re: Cannot Run .Exe Files In Vista

    Place these Entries in the Registry it will solve your problem




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    unsure Re: Cannot Run .Exe Files In Vista

    my problem is not one of file association.

    Each time I run a .exe file (eg the link above included) a blank explorer window opens and immediately another opens repeatedly. It's been like it for over a year.
    I think it started after I once put a tick in a window with the message 'do not show me this again' when I was installing a program

    I have tried to run sfc /scannow from the original vista disk (home prem) but it was an early upgrade from XP disk and is no longer accepted
    I used to get a DEP message but followed instructions to turn DEP off as I got sick of having it intrude on things.

    Vista Home prem, fully up to date with upgrades etc. core2 duo 1.8Ghz. 4GB ram. all file maint kept up to date.
    I can work in the registry.

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